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"Healing Hearts and Coaching Minds"

In the Tradition of Spiritual Psychology



About Private Session Work


Together we are forming a collaborative relationship with the focus on Healing and Coaching and on overall mastery of life. We are utilizing that which arises for you as challenges - past and present - as a welcome learning and growing opportunity. While YOU are the source of your own solutions and deepest insights, I am here to facilitate the process of healing, self-discovery and transformation by holding a space of safety, confidentiality, inspiration and unconditional positive regard and by teaching you skills for better living and self mastery; not just as a means to help you through current issues but to keep, to take home and to integrate into your every day experience. I prefer a eclectic approach in choosing healing modalities and taylor processes on an individual basis, first and foremost with You in mind and your way of being of best support of yourself, utilizing your innate best way and ability to self-regulate and heal. 




Over many years with clients my my preferred work model has developed into an eclectic approach that I have termed


"Healing Hearts and Coaching Minds"

 Transformational Life Coaching based on the principles of Spiritual Psychology


The 'Healing Component' is built for the most part upon the basic teachings of Spiritual Psychology which distinguishes itself from older, more traditional teachings by integrating the spiritual component into the quest for fulfillment and psychological inquiry. Working not just from and through the mind we are working also from and through the soul self, viewing the human experience as a vehicle towards self realization or soul realization. Arising issues in life serve as indicators, letting us see that blocks appear (or re appear in patterns) because wounds are open that ask for compassionate attention from our own innate ability to love unconditionally. 


The 'Coaching Minds Component' moves the process of goal completion along. That, by engaging mind, body and spirit - only - once the heart has experienced a first good dose of (self) healing. Life Coaching teaches skill based agility and grounded action in physical reality. The greater objective revolves around life purpose and personal dreams coming into alignment with the unique gifts of the individual. Fulfillment and the ability to relate to self, love and life stems from a basic learning orientation to life which encourages thriving on challenges and from sharing the most authentic form of self with the world and others. 


The necessary processis of releasing, healing, envisioning plus loving self discipline are being encouraged by various complimentary modalities and methods. We will draw on that which lends itself to be the very best fit for YOU at the appropriate stage of your process. 



Length and suggested frequency:


Generally, sessions are 110 minutes long. Your time is individually designed taking in account your own pace and utilizing modalities that support you best - long term or at any given stage of your process. With your consent you might set intentions or goals until we meet again. That,  to anchor your precious insights and to turn mental and emotional understanding into applied action. 


We can work on the phone, via skype or in person. I recommend at first regular weekly sessions to get the most efficient work mode going for yourself and between both of us. Once significant stability and momentum is put into motion appointments can be spaced out. I always take your preferences and needs into account. 







One-on-One Sessions
Toluca Lake, Los Angeles
in person, phone or screen


10649 Riverside Dr

Toluca Lake, CA 91602




One-on-One Sessions
Vienna, Austria

Dr. Karl Lueger Platz 2/2/8

1010 Wien




Closed Group Session Work
with limited space

Toluca Lake office 



Please inquire about openings for new participants


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