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Personal and Professional


I was born in Vienna, Austria, the birth place of psychoanalysis. Spirituality and Psychology have both been my greatest interest for as long as I can remember. During high school psychology, philosophy and nutrition were my favorite subjects. I began a daily meditation routine when I was fifteen and have been a student of Paramahansa Yogananda and the path of Kriya Yoga and meditation over 40 years. My desire to learn about healing has always been very present.


Following my high schoool matriculation examination I began education for becoming a therapist at the Vienna University and took courses for three years. As a young and ever growing enthusiastic yoga practitioner I felt very soon that the traditional psychology curriculum - as it was taught in Professor Dr. Freud's own town - was very ‘mind heavy’, very academic,  methodical and lacking - from my perspective - the most essential of all components: a 'heart and soul centered' healing approach. In addition,  the traditional work model scripted considerable and mandatory distancing between therapist and client. It did not sit well with me. In the early eighties, my idea and ideal of introducing the element of an expanded perspective and concept of conscious evolution into therapy was met with grave concern by my teachers.

Clearly, I thought, there must be a way to practice a model of psychology that would be built upon viewing the awakening aspect of the human spirit as the basic paradigm, in other words, returning the true meaning of 'psyche' - namely the etymological term for 'soul' or 'spirit' back into the craft.


It was many years later in Los Angeles where I found the institution I had dreamed of: the school that has pioneered the world wide experiential study and practice of transformation in consciousness: University of Santa Monica.  I graduated with a Masters degree from their well known program in Spiritual Psychology and later opted for  another marvelous third year of additional education called  “Health Consciousness and Healing”, a curriculum of invaluable and highly experiential course work. 


Thereafter, Life Coaching School added a very practical and grounded component to my work while several holistic and alternative modalities taught  me to support a client's process on the more subtle energetic level.  My twenty year experience as a certified nutritionist specializing in supplementation lets me assist clients further by establishing mental wellness through balancing or supporting their bodily and mental bio chemistry. 


I hold a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology which makes  for a balanced understanding of all aspects of the human experience. And while this science based traditional part of my education has not changed my style of working it is complimentary and adds a valuable foundation to my competencies.  


I am now twelve years in practice and doing my work is truly my highest form of gratification and fulfillment. In terms of eastern philosophy one would call it my 'Dharma' or calling, my mission.  I am eternally grateful for all I have been taught and given and it is my joy and my privilege to walk and grow further with and through YOU, my clients, and to share part of your unique journey. 




Doctor of Clinical Psychology 

M.A. in Spiritual Psychology  -  University of Santa Monica

'Health Consciousness and Healing' - additional postgraduate year - University of Santa Monica

Certified in Hypnotherapy and Regression

Certified Nutritionist - specializing in nutritional supplementation

 ''Coach for Life" Life Coach
EFT Practitioner

Bach Flower Practitioner
Reiki Practitioner

16 years in practice

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