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Client Praise 



Sheri H, Los Angeles. 

Regina is caring kind and supportive in ways words can not express.
If you are someone looking for a deeper spiritual healing and connection to you're core and the root of you're actions, Regina will help you find the way.
April 2018
Dr. Barang is a wonderful and caring therapist who blends amazing spiritual guidance with practical and useful insights. She is comforting, perceptive, and an amazing listener. There has never been a time that I have not felt much better after seeing her. The environment she provides is beautiful, safe, and relaxing with fountains, herbal teas, and warm blankets. I love her as a therapist and life coach and give her the highest possible recommendation!
February 2019

Lauren S, Los Angeles 

I have seen various therapists over the course of my life and recently had a few large challenges happen to me. I was referred to Regina by a very smart and tough woman who is no nonsense. I was certain my friend would not steer me wrong as I know it takes a lot to impress her. She was beyond impressed with Regina and told me that every other person she sent to Regina was thrilled with her knowledge, style and healing ways. When I first met Regina her warm smile and manner let me know that I was in the presence of someone who wanted to help. She is an exceptional listener, but she has a way of just repeating back what you say in a way that allows you to make sense of your own story. That is a subtle and profound gift. She has no judgment and has a way of distilling your experience into a lesson and helping you move through it so you don't have to experience it again. She also creates a safe place to go deeper, Regina asks the right questions that make you go into the feeling more than you anticipated and it is very freeing. She helps reframe what you may have seen as a negative or aggressive act into a powerful tool to heal old patterns and pain. I have done the traditional 50 minute sessions and after the first almost 2 hour session with Regina I will never go back. So much is accomplished and I am both hyper mental and hyper verbal so you get so much more out of it when you aren't cut off just as you may be approaching a breakthrough. After your session she follows up with an audio message that reviews your session and gives you tips as how to proceed, I have never had that and it is powerful to go back and listen to throughout the week and especially before going back to your next appointment. Regina gets it and has a very special gift and I am so grateful that I found my way to her. If you are in pain or confused or just don't know what you are feeling. Make an appointment and just get to her. The hardest part is sometimes making the appointment. I was dealing with a recent death and you often wonder if this is the feeling for life or if each day will make it better, but the truth is each day it is different. Give yourself a break from trying to do it all and share the burden with a seasoned professional. I promise you won't be disappointed and I do not say that lightly. Thank you again for everything Regina. When something lands in my path that is a little too much for me, I will find myself back at your door and not torture myself by going it alone. Just knowing that you are waiting to help, helps.
March 2017

Nathalie M, Los Angles 

Whoever went to a therapist before will be blown away by Regina!!!
The first time I met Regina she welcomed me with a little heart-shaped warm heating pack on my seat, a "Welcome Nathalie" sign on her front door and served me a cup of tea and cookies. - WOW ! - Never have I felt more comfortable in a therapist's office. I thought that's a first meeting 'special' ... but nope - every time I come there is warm tea and the heart shaped heating pack waiting for me! You just feel at home at Regina's.
We start with a guided meditation. Regina guides it and I must say it completely changes the way you speak and think. It just calms you and your thoughts down. It's a very beautiful way of starting a session.

I've made the experience that most therapists see you for an hour - you talk.. they listen you pay, schedule another appointment and then you leave...

When I leave Regina's office I don't only feel better, I also get a warm hug, an email with a summary of our session, a follow up phone call (which ALWAYS makes me feel better). And my favorite thing is - I can call her anytime if I need to talk to her for a few minutes. If she doesn't pick up right away - she WILL call you back. And this really made a huge difference for me.

Regina is a wonderful person and I must say her sessions are life changing.
I tried other therapist's but none of them could help me understand why I have anxiety. In my first 2 hour session with Regina we found out why I do - and that truly surprised me! I know I am in good hands!!! I'm looking forward to my next sessions and hope I will be able to let go of my fears.
March 2016

Sammy Rose, Los Angeles 

Regina has been such a tremendous blessing in my life. She is an exceptionally skilled therapist that truly puts her heart into her craft. I am so grateful to have the opportunity to work with her. She is compassionate, loving, eloquent, intelligent, full of life, and simply masterful at what she does. I highly recommend her services to anyone seeking psychological assistance or mentorship, and to those who want to begin to transform their inner and outer lives.
April 2024

Shannon Pezzetta, Los Angeles

I can't help but express my immense gratitude for Regina and everything she does. She creates this incredible, safe haven where being yourself feels natural, allowing you to navigate life's rollercoaster without any fear of judgment. Her guidance and the tools she offers are truly invaluable in helping you tackle life's challenges.

March 2024

Natalie K Klawonn, MD Roanoke, VA 

Regina is absolutely one of the most amazing therapists. Her ability to see a person and a situation and be able to put it into words is truly a gift. She is able to show different ways of viewing the world and transform thoughts and emotions. Really an amazing gift. She cares tremendously about her clients and has the highest work ethic. Very trustworthy and reliable. I have experienced her work personally and would entrust her to care for my family and friends without question. I recommend her without reservation. As a physician I have worked with many therapists and can attest Regina is one of the best.
August 2016
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