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"Healing Hearts and Coaching Minds"
Transformational Life Coaching based on the Principles of Clinical and Spiritual Psychology

"Tools for Life" - A Woman's Support Group

a closed circle that meets bi weekly. We open for new participants every six months.


Groups and Events

Hosting Expertise and Education from Masters in their Field:

Sunday March 24th 2013


from Vienna, Austria on the topic of Addiction

(in German Language)


Past Workshops and Events


"Shadow and Projection"


We learn to understand the priciple of 'Shadow and Projection' and how to bring about shift in perception, how to encourage practical action steps in the world. For the purpose of healing we will learn, explore and apply the concepts of Shadow and Projection to our deeper sense of self. We strive to relate better and with greater ease to how we view ourselves and the world, a skill that is essential for life mastery.


Sacred Chakra Workshop Circle

Journey through seven Stages


Each of the energy centers addresses a state of being in physical, emotional and spiritual health. Chakras are not just reflected in stages of human social development but also in many religious and mystical traditions. They correspond with our path of individual psycho-spiritual growth and thereby assist us with understanding issues that surface in relationship with self, others and the world.

By 'tuning' these inner and outer energy vaults through conscious awareness

and healing work we create clarity, restore balance and find strength and tranquility.


  "Women in the Garden"


"WinG" is group of professional women practitioners from the holistic health field who invite Women guests who are interested in wellness, spirituality and personal growth to beautiful garden events. 
The informative gatherings are held about every two months andfeature current topics presented by guest speakers from various holistic fields.

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